Project 52 – Week 10


Running behind again. One would think I’d have grown accustomed to a full plate, what with three jobs, full-time classes and whatever I do on the side. Some weeks are better than others. Although, right now it feels like some months are better than this one. But I digress. Week 11 is almost over, so I wanted to toss this on the Web sooner rather than later.

Photo 1 (from left): Maybe dog-owners can tell me otherwise, but I’ve always felt cats are much more deliberate in their attempts to distract from responsibilities that don’t involve them. Last week, every time I sat at my desk to tackle an 8-page single-spaced paper, Tiger would jump in my lap and demand attention, or she would jump directly onto my desk and very slowly push pens and other knick-knacks off the edge. And I do mean slowly, as though she wanted to be certain I was aware of her actions. Here, she jumped into my lap and placed her paws directly over my hands.

Photo 2: I finally spent some time with my friend Maria. Over ramen and Sapporo at Tanpopo in Japantown, we caught up and just relaxed. Maria was one of the first people I met when we first moved to this area, and she is easily one of my best friends now. Both of us have pretty hectic schedules, so I don’t get to enjoy her company as often as I’d like, unlike when we used to see each other most of the week when we worked together on Maiden Lane. She bought this neat owl pin for me from a shop on her street.

Photo 3: “Up” is one of the more charming films I’ve seen in recent years. It resonated with me because my grandma had died less than a year before the film came out, so the opening sequence immediately grabbed me. It also makes me think of my grandparents and their long lives together. I wish I had been more curious and candid or comfortable with asking Ma questions about herself and her life. The fallacies of youth. I’d give a lot to have her wisdom and insight these days. I bought this T-shirt from Uniqlo downtown. Clearly, the front has “UP” emblazoned across the chest, with the now iconic house floating by balloons. In red type, it also reads “C +E” in a heart, for Carl and Ellie, of course. Kevin pops up from the bottom of the shirt, and the back features a number of Wilderness Explorer badges. I’m generally not much of a Disney fan these days, but since I have a little nephew whose parents love Disneyland, I’ll have to oblige them all and go with them, wearing this shirt, of course.

Photo 4: Gizmo has taken to lounging on our bed whenever we allow her into our room. Before David left one morning, he wrapped her up like a little kitty burrito. Surprisingly, she didn’t protest and eventually just fell asleep. She’s adorable all right, but she often snaps and lashes out if even the smallest thing displeases her.


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