This is mostly for my friend’s benefit. You know who you are.

I’ve been considering a return to writing the last few days. It used to be a cathartic exercise before certain events in my life, so perhaps it may be again.

It’s been roughly five years since I last posted here; sometimes I forget it still exists.

I’m now a librarian. My “dream” job, as some people in my life like to call it. That very well may be true. I’ve never felt such fulfillment from a job before. I’ll write about a few of the events I’ve organized later.

I’m now in the divorce process. That may be shocking to some, but I look forward to its completion come September-October.

I still live in San Francisco, much to my surprise. I didn’t think I’d last very long on my own, but I’m hanging in there through some miracle.

Lately, I’ve felt fairly stagnant in life; I see friends getting married, having their second child, moving for work, buying homes, etc. It’s hard to see the progress I’ve made in my own little world. But there has been quite a lot of progress in the works. That’s for another post too.

All this to say, “Hello.” I’m back. Maybe.

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