The BuJo

I’ve been using a bullet journal for the better part of a year. Part planner, part journal, part anything else you want it to be. The idea is less is more.

I think the bullet journal phenomenon has died down a bit, but for a while, there were countless articles about layouts and other neat tricks to streamline or embellish your journal.

Simple jots. That’s all that goes into it. For years, I haven’t felt I had the capacity to write as I once did, so the bullet journal format seemed much more accessible.

Aside from the usual weekly schedule, I track my moods, my medication, and activities that may affect the two. I have a to-do list and a notes section on each weekly schedule.

I also use it to practice mindfulness. My favorite part is the daily gratitude chart I draw up each month. It forces me to write at least one thing that I’m grateful for each day, whether it’s as mundane as enjoying a brownie or as deep as having a heartfelt conversation with a friend. It makes me look at the course of a day and remind myself, “Hey, it wasn’t all bad.” Most days aren’t as bad as they seem. At the end of the month, I can look over my list and be reminded of all the positives I experienced. It sometimes feels a little hokey, and I’ve wanted to skip it many times. But actively searching for some perspective has been a fulfilling exercise most of the time.

The act of creating layouts for monthly habits and weekly schedules is also rather meditative. I use basic lines and dots to establish boundaries and sections.

It’s a good distraction. And I like that it isn’t as rigid as your typical planner. You can really make it any way you like. There is no wrong way to creating a bullet journal. However, I’ve seen people go all out on their journals, with fancy scrawls and sketches. It makes me wish I were a little more artistic, but I get some small satisfaction from how neat and orderly I keep mine.

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