2018 is flying by

Somehow it is already the 20th of November. It feels like August and Tiger’s death were just yesterday, but I guess Life gets in the way of grief and mourning, or it has a knack for making them fade away. It’s been a busy few months, with November being the busiest of them all so far.

A few updates though:

Perhaps this is the biggest news. I’m now Acting Manager at my branch library, meaning slightly more pay and many more responsibilities. November 30 will mark my three months in this role and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all its challenges. I never imagined myself in a management role, but once the opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t say no. To say the least, it’s been a very good learning experience, and I’m fortunate to have an excellent staff. I don’t have to worry too much about things going awry.

October was over in the blink of an eye too.

I finally visited Undiscovered, the Filipino night market in SOMA Pilipinas. I ate my weight in Filipino food and fusion food, and I’m still thinking about the lechon kawali. It also made me look forward to Christmas because they had a few large parols on display.

Halloween came and went without much of a bang; my friends who enjoy it or tolerate my love for it don’t live near me, so I didn’t really do much aside from dressing up as Louise Belcher at work.

Once upon a time, I used to carve pumpkins, watch scary movies and just hang out while waiting for kids to ring the doorbell. I also used to fly back to LA to trick-or-treat with my nieces and nephews. But this Halloween was pretty minimalist.

And here we are in November. I turned 32 on Nov. 9 and celebrated the way I wanted; namely low-key and intimate. I’m not a very flashy person, in countenance or deed, so I don’t often like to do very much for my birthdays. Perhaps surprisingly, this turned out to be the most active birthday I’ve had in recent years. I saw “Chasing Papeles” by Bindlestiff Studios. I drove to Tomales Bay for oysters with a friend, and had a few nice, cozy dinners with different groups of friends. 

Thirty-one was a good year, especially compared to 30, 29, and even 28. I feel steady, like I earned my sea legs back and I’m ready for anything. I have tools and resources I didn’t have before. A small nagging voice in my ear still warns me to be wary, but most of the time I’m able to ignore her and just live my life.

Now we’re heading into Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year’s. The holidays just seem to scream by once they begin. I’m looking ahead to a lot of travel nightmares and late nights, and scrambling commutes back to work.

I’m actually looking forward to 2019 and the new year. 2019 is the year I finally travel abroad again, specifically to London and Paris for the first time. I decided I’m too young and too old not to be travelling more frequently to new locales.

What else will 2019 have in store? A promotion? New friends and/or lovers? Is it time for a new heartbreak, or maybe an old one? Will I finally utilize my extremely basic grasp of Tagalog?

For the first time in a while, I’m excited about the possibilities.


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