RIP Gizmo

Gizmo was with me for 16 long years. She died Tuesday, April 25, 2023.

Life certainly feels a little bit empty without her, like there is a void in my home that’s aching to be filled.

She was catty, grumpy, and altogether mean to most creatures.

Except for me.

(Unless I was actually being irritating to her.)

I found her in a bush on the El Camino College campus 16 years ago. Her plaintive mews reached my ears somehow, and I couldn’t find a mama cat anywhere.

So she became my second cat, and Tiger’s sister.

Obviously, she was feral, and she never lost that edge.

As I mentioned, I was the only thing she seemed to tolerate, often climbing on top of me and forcing pets. But only on the top of her head. And only for as long as she deemed adequate.

In her later years, she became a bit more aloof, especially when I brought the kittens to the apartment. She still sought me out when she was in the mood though.

Before I left for my trip, I had a feeling she wasn’t long for this world. I was hoping she’d be able to wait for my return, but alas. I found out she passed as I landed at SFO. I started crying immediately and the other passengers were perplexed.

I miss her old crotchety self. She was like Miss Havisham in the way she kept herself so closely guarded.

Anyway, here are a bunch of photos. She was a beautiful cat.

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