In high demand.

I should go to bed and use whatever will power I have to quiet my overly active brain, but I have things to do that I must remember.

– Peet’s with Melissa.
– Lunch or dinner with Tiffany and Elise.
– Sushi with Mike.
– Mimi’s Cafe with Nagisa (This Thursday!)
– Fix bikes and USE them (Saturday) with the Damo.
– Lunch with BU buddies Kim and Ash.
Pan’s Labyrinth with Ben.
– Steal boxes with Sara.
– Sushi with the Boss.
– A REAL date with David.
– Ballet package.
– Applications.
– Mail packages.
– Hang out with Noel.
– Fix glasses and get contacts.

Aughh. The list goes on. This is what I get when my Life is FULL. :]

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