I learned how to say “not cute” and “very ugly” in sign language. Well, I learned how a while ago, but I just needed to be reminded. :]

Ah, so.

If I don’t have work today, I have resolved to remain here at home cleaning and tidying up for my dad’s impending arrival on Superbowl Sunday. I have mixed feelings about it. I have grown accustomed to living here in Cerritos in the last three weeks. Dad said I could stay in his room while he was in the Philippines, but now that he will be back, I do not really have a place to go. I am supposed to be staying with my grandparents, but I despise it there because they question everything I do. They look at me askance whenever I go out, especially if it is with a guy. This is a huge problem because the majority of my friends happen to be male. They always have to ask “Who is that boy?” I suppose I need to cut them some slack; to them, it is not yet socially acceptable for guys and girls to simply be platonic friends. It was NEVER okay for me to play with boys when I was growing up. They would keep me inside and only allow me to watch from the windows. This was awful for me because for the longest time I was the only girl my age in the neighborhood, while Ryan, Rodrigo, and my brother were the same age and hung out a lot.

I might have to suck it up and squat in the living room here in Cerritos until I can get my own place. :/

The alternative at my grandparents house is in no way attractive right now. Especially since I have cable TV and Internet here. 😛

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