This illness makes me feel even lazier than when I didn’t really have anything to do during winter break. At least back then I was HEALTHY and I could go outside. You know, climb trees or jump off playground sets. Swinging so hard and high that you feel like you are free-falling for a split second on the way down.

I really want to go to the park. The weather is absolutely lovely and I simply want to lie down on the grass to stare at the sky. OK, so that might appear as a waste of time, but few people these days take the time to simply be, and I want to savor just being alive. While I do enjoy a challenge and I love being productive, I know that there are certain aspects of life one must appreciate and never, ever overlook, lest she gets bogged down with inanity.

I feel like dancing, which is very rare. I just want to do something.

Ah. I would enjoy a big backyard. I have never really had the luxury of one, but I would have loved one as a kid, and I would adore one now. It just seems like it would afford me more privacy than running around my barely existent frontyard.

Just rambling. Dreaming of the world beyond my window.

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