Lilly and I always have little chats late at night, but this particular night we arrived at a rather startling revelation. The last five classes out of Carson High tended to stick together. The seniors of 2002, many of them ended up at UCLA or Berkeley. The class of 2003, many of them also ended up at UCLA together. Our class, 2004, was scattered all over the place. Many of us went out of state, a handful went to Cal, another handful to UCLA. The class of 2005, most ended up at UCLA.

I will explain this more fully later, but I find this fascinating.

Anyway, this week is spring break for many people, including my brother, Berkeley, and UCSC. Needless to say, I have many people vying for my attention. I want to go to Monterey Park with Lilly, and possibly Donna, so that I may introduce my boyfriend to Lilly because I gush about him so infrequently. 😛

I want to have some pho with Jobelle and Howard.

I owe Howard and Melissa a cup of coffee each.

I owe Noel more ice cream because I’ve been neglecting him.

And I should really call up Dr. Din and do some catching up.

I am ridiculously glad that this is NOT a production week.

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