I prefer my voice the way I imagine it.

It seems that my real voice, the one that is audible to everyone but me, is higher and tinier than I would like. Gah. I cringe when I hear it recorded.

Furthermore, I always knew that I had a rather animated face, but when I was watching myself on Nancy’s video camera on Saturday, I realized just how animated I get. Yech. One of my apparently “endearing” characteristics is my ability to portray a variety of emotions on my face. My face is rarely, how do I put this, placid. I am constantly twisting and contorting my features, whether I am speaking or no. My dad finds it amusing though he tells me to stop. Guevarrarararararara loves my many faces. This was never a secret to me but I have never seen myself on video before.

But I digress.

I had a thought earlier that I eagerly wanted to express in words, but I have lost it.

Ah, well.

I have always been determined to remain as frankly honest and candid as possible in my blogs. I do not wish to offend or incriminate anyone, but I greatly enjoy typing out my thoughts, every which way they speed, and I refuse to encumber them with the desires or feelings of others.

My thoughts and ideas are mine and mine alone, and the majority of them are mere opinion. And I will never claim otherwise.

There is an essay I should be typing up. Blast. The subject matter is of great interest to me but I have no real desire to write it right now. I would actually prefer going to bed right now. I miss sleep and I only seem to get a good rest when I am sleeping alone.

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