"I’m not writing it unless it gets on the front page."

“Life should just be appreciated as it is. It maybe the same drudgery day in and day out, however just because you follow a routine doesn’t mean that it’s always EXACTLY the same. True there are SO MANY THINGS we could be doing, BUT sometimes it’s just being able to appreciate life that’s most important. Realizing that even if things are routine, that it is still beautiful.

Otherwise, wouldn’t being in love be boring? Not exciting? You see this same person, always spend time with this person. Isn’t that something of a routine? What makes that special?

Sometimes just being able to appreciate the most mudane things makes life worth living.

Remember there is intrigue in EVERYTHING even the most mudane you just need to find it.”

Major thanks to the anonymous author of that comment.

He (or she) is right. Life itself is a miracle; it is something to cherish and celebrate.

I just need to be reminded of that when I feel bogged down by the inherent sluggishness that inevitably follows routines.

Whoever left that comment gave me a good example with love. I know what love is, and it does NOT get boring.

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