And I seem to find the happiness I seek.

Mmm… Heaven! I’m in Heaven!
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak
And I seem to find the happiness I seek

Sounds peachy, doesn’t it?
Heaven, I mean.
But it basically excludes people.
I like the idea of Nirvana better.
Or that there is no god, per se, but a collective unity that we all succumb to in death.
We spend our whole lives trying to distinguish ourselves.
We break hearts, we hurt, we achieve and we lose.
We differentiate ourselves with our particular likes and dislikes.
Realistically, our differences are meager.
They are entirely subjective.
There is a basic humanity that most of us possess.
This is objective.
We are human beings.
We are alike in so many ways.
We should probably focus on those similarities.
How we hurt, how we laugh, how we cry and smile.
These are fundamental and worldwide.
Why would any religion seek to separate people from people?
No single race or ethnicity is better than the other.
The whole collective human race is one living, breathing organic unity.
Too bad most of our modern cultural belief systems do not see us this way.
Too bad that Heaven is only reserved for the few.
I would much rather believe that in death we lose our individuality and become one with Life itself, so that none of us has to be alone or afraid again, so that no one is writhing in Hell, or wandering in purgatory.”

I wrote that^ just a little over a year ago.

In vain I try to express my beliefs, as if I ever really could. Before gods and demons, before any higher powers, I believe in humanity.

Meh. This is coming out all muddled.

I used to be better at this.

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