I am thoroughly astounded.

We carry so much in us.

Unlimited potential.

Hundreds of memories and experiences.

I marvel at humanity sometimes.

Or rather, the immensity of human life, or even a single human life, can sometimes fill me with such awe.

I am humbled by it.

Intrigued and empowered as well.

Our decisions spawn millions of others because everything is related on some level.


Meh. I lost my train of thought.


So. I finally finished the tenth and final book of the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman.

And I have once again fallen terribly in love with his brain. It happens after every novel or comic I’ve read by him.

Not only does he have an impressive grasp of various cultural mythologies, but he had the gall and ability to invent his own!

Brilliant. And flawlessly executed. I am often dumbstruck by his writing, the way he weaves his storytelling so that it is at once frighteningly absurd and eerily familiar at the same time.

This may sound ridiculous, but his words will echo and reverberate throughout my existence.

I learn so much from his stories. I’ve learned more about the Norse gods, various Egyptian gods, different customs from several cultures.

Ah. Here I am gushing about some guy. A British man with an absolutely lovely mind, and a love of sushi.

I have half a mind to whip out my seldom-used dildo.

Haha. Sorry. I kid. Really. Mr. Gaiman, if you ever happen to stumble across this, I apologize.

But at the least I hope you are somewhat flattered.


Ack. I feel like my words get me into trouble a lot, but I do tend to exaggerate the feeling.

However, Lilly told me to “be free and retarded.”


Translation: I shouldn’t berate myself and feel dumb just because I am happy and very much in love with someone.

Gah. But it’s so difficult. I have always found it rather exasperating to express my feelings aloud, let alone to another real person.

Wait a tick. Strike that.

I have always found it rather exasperating to express my love or happiness aloud. I am perfectly capable, and willing, to show my distaste and anger, should I be convincingly provoked.

I’m learning. And I suppose that is a good thing.


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