I am feeling rather crass and vulgar at the moment. Perhaps I am only showing, or feeling my roots. so to speak.


Cap’n- Matt Lopez
First mate- Angela Sabrowsky
Chantey man- Kathy Gaytan
Drivelswigger- Nancy Ponder
Wench- Jaena Rae Cabrera
Picaroon- Heather Perry
Cooper- Robert Doss
Bootymaster- Rolando Rodriguez
Carouser- Berenice Salazar
Swabbie- Melissa Rae Sipin
Helmsman- Kate McLaughlin
Pilot- Jolene Combs
Calker- Aaron Dobruck
Sea Dog- Jeremiah Dobruck
Sutler- David Luizzi
Deck hands- staff members
Cabin boys- assistant editors

Avast, ye maties! ‘Tis going to be a fine fall semester. Yarrrr. Turn in your stories, else you’ll be walkin’ the plank.


I’m vulgar, and I’m a nerd.


And oh, I am tired of this little obsession of mine. It has gone on for far too long, and there really is no good reason for it; not that there ever was an adequate one to begin with.

When I actually talk about it, I feel so base and vile. Not to mention vindictive.


I am desensitized. I grew up in a town where people running through your backyard in the middle of the night was normal. I grew up in a town where sirens were always screaming down the streets, and helicopters were constantly hovering over my school or neighborhood. I went to a high school that had almost daily race riots. I did not bat an eyelash when that girl’s body was found at Veterans’ Park. I was more or less amused when that man’s body was found in the trunk of an abandoned car in front of my neighbor’s house. I was not too surprised when I learned that the two convenience store clerks at the Mobil by my house were brutally murdered during a routine stick-up. I expressed mild disinterest when I learned that a teenaged girl was shot outside the club next to the hotel we were staying in that night.

The atrocities do not touch me.


I suppose all of that was meant to be a testament to my conviction that I am a bad person. A good person would feel something, yes? Compassion, perhaps even outrage at the horror and brutality.

No. All that registers is mild disinterest.


I am feeling rather out of sorts tonight.

It is rather strange. I do not often wish to be swept off my feet, but tonight it would be nice to just leave reality behind for a little while. A small respite from inevitable change and tumult.

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