The honeymoon period apparently hasn’t ended, as I’d initially thought. Huzzah?

I am terribly in love with the guy, and I only see more good times ahead.

But I digress.

Monday was actually a very lovely day.

Tony and I visited our high school in the morning. We visited Koletty, and after telling me it was so good to see me and that I looked good, she asked, “Are you still with that guy?”

I scrunched up my face and said, “No!”

She replied with “Good! He’s a nice boy, but I always knew he wasn’t right for you.”

Then I said, “Oh, Ms. Koletty, don’t remind me!”

I was thoroughly amused. We were then commandeered to help Elise with some filing work. In total, we spent about an hour in the College Center doing work for Koletty again. How easily we fall back into old routines. But I enjoyed my time there.

We didn’t see any other teachers. Monday was a minimum day because of finals.

I am growing far too sleepy to continue, but I feel rather guilty because I have not blogged in a while.

Ah, well.

Sleep beckons. Sweet dreams.

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