Tempted by the fruit of another.

Shhhyeeahhh, right. There is absolutely no reason for me to be tempted, especially since the fruit of mine is so ripe and sweet and fine.

That was lame.

Allow me to begin again.

The Fourth of July marked the six-month milestone for David and I. It was nice, what with the fireworks and all.

But it began much earlier than that. Tuesday, in fact.

Well, Tuesday in general was a ridiculously entertaining day. And I only recount it because it was fairly full, and definitely amusing. To me, at least.

I arrived at school a tad later than usual, but I met up with Berenice, David and Kathy before class began, at the usual place by the Campus Deli. As we headed up the stairs to our class, we ran into Anna, David’s most recent ex-girlfriend. David and I were holding hands, while Kathy and Berenice chatted behind us. Now, this would not have been a remarkable encounter had Anna not pressed herself against the wall and stared at us as we walked up and past her. I had to be certain that she had in fact done that, so I turned around to look, and sure enough, she was staring up at us.

Now, my emotions erupt from me the majority of the time, and I have since learned that to quell them means disaster, so I immediately burst into gales of laughter as we continued up the stairs. I don’t have much shame these days, nor do I have common sense. And I wasn’t the only one laughing. Kathy and Berenice couldn’t help themselves either. Only David was perturbed by it, because he doesn’t understand why she acts like that.

We continued to pick at David for that until class began. The incident was so utterly comical and ridiculous, not to mention melodramatic. And we had to spread the news to Matt, Nancy and Heather, complete with reenactments, because we’re journalists and secrets do not rest well with us.

And because it was so goddamn funny.

Well! It was still morning when that happened, and it sure as hell made my day seem lighter.

After class we went to lunch at In-N-Out.

The Damo picked me up and we went to CJ’s house for a little R and R. Watched a few episodes of That 70’s Show while Donna and CJ caught up with each other. Although CJ and I hang out fairly regularly, he doesn’t really know me well, so he was surprised by some of my lesbian tendencies. I’ve always been one of the guys. A pretty girl walks by, you may expect my eyes to follow.

After we hung out with CJ, we went to Donna’s friends house so her husband could do Donna’s tattoo. It was a grueling few hours, mostly for Damo. I entertained myself by taking photos of the process and her pain, and also by playing with the couple’s 15-month-old daughter, who mimicked like a monkey. If I bared my teeth, she followed suit. If I crossed my arms, she would too. Any face I made, she’d make as well. It was hilarious. However, at one point in the evening, when her parents weren’t watching, she ran over to the dishwasher, grabbed a butcher knife, and started running toward me with it. I cried out, “SHE HAS A KNIFE!” And her mother took it away from her.

Overall, an adorable kid. But dangerous.

When Donna’s cherry blossom tattoo was finished, we went our separate ways; I went home, and she went to the movies. Upon my arrival, my brother greeted me with “All my friends are coming over. We’re going to hang out at the pool.” And sure enough, five minutes later, three cars full of his friends parked in front of our house, and I was bombarded with salutations.

I cloistered myself in my room and eagerly awaited David’s arrival so that I wouldn’t feel so old and crotchety. I adore some of my brother’s friends, but most often their presence only serves to make me feel out of touch with popular culture.

When David finally got to my house, we immediately set out for the dangerous Cerritos streets. Cerritos is a town that is basically dead after 10 p.m. Most of the stores are closed, and most people are inside. For me, growing up in Carson, this is absurd. I’m accustomed to being out at all hours of the night, with places to go and people to see. But it is nice to be able to just walk around the neighborhood without worrying about what lurks in the shadows, so these nighttime excursions have become quite enjoyable. We always set out in a different direction than the last, and Tuesday night we walked a bit farther than we normally do.

Walks are pleasant. Walks with someone you love are doubly so. Especially when the conversation flows easily.

I’ve come to realize that I can’t love someone if I can’t talk to him, if I feel afraid to talk to him. This is certainly not so with David. With him, I’ve finally learned what it feels like to love and be loved with nothing to fear and nothing to hide. It’s a truly beautiful feeling.

Nighttime is special to me. I always thought it was alive in such a way that makes it very different than the day.

When we got back, David went to his car and said he had to get something. He pulled out a Lego set of an AT-ST. When he gave it to me, it suddenly dawned on me that we’ve been together for six months. I have never been the type to celebrate these types of things, at least not every month, and I’m glad we don’t do that. Otherwise I’d probably feel smothered.

But I appreciated the gesture. It will certainly keep my hands busy. And I love him very much.

And now, I am hungry.

I believe dinner tonight will be chicken sausage with spinach and fontina cheese, with a nice rice pilaf.

I suppose I should get to that then.


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