I’ve been listening to really sappy music lately. I’ve been really sappy lately. Gah.

During the spring semester, I constantly wanted to go bowling. Now that I have the time, all I want to do is go fishing.

My desires are fickle little things.


David remarked yesterday that we have been having “deeper” conversations lately.

(Interjection: The Strokes always make me feel like dancing.)

I suppose I agree with him. We kind of started talking about religion the other night, but I stammered a lot because, although it is a favorite topic of mine, I rarely get the opportunity to voice my opinions out loud on this subject, so I became flustered when he was actually interested in hearing me out. I have no qualms about writing my thoughts, but trying to communicate my ideas orally to someone else has always been a difficult endeavor for me.

I can’t even recall what sparked the conversation. I said something about favoring eastern religions over western religions, and he asked me why.

While I may seem like more of a realist and perhaps even a fatalist, I am entirely in support of humanity as a whole. I do not believe we are born evil, or that we bear the sins of our forefathers. I believe that we all have unlimited potential, and an enormous capacity for love. Anything that would seem to segregate us from each other irritates me. Most western religions have an uncanny predisposition of alienating and separating. If one does not follow such-and-such, he is condemned to hell, or Sheol, or whatever. And typically, there is only one path to salvation, and in Christianity it is redemption through faith. Punishments and rewards are measured by behavior, and one really only has one chance at life.

From what I’ve studied, it would seem to me that eastern religions are much more inclusive. For example, in Hinduism, there are several ways of reaching enlightenment, and there are also more opportunities to do so. With each life, one is expected to move up the spiritual ladder, so to speak.


My life feels absolutely perfect right now. I am surrounded by so many good people. I love and am loved by a wonderful person. There are very few dark clouds in my sky, and the ones that seem to consistently hover over me are no longer as menacing as they used to be.


I’ve been itching to go somewhere. Anywhere. I don’t mind coming back, but I have this wanderlust that must be slaked. My San Diego trip is at the end of this month, but I really want to go somewhere farther (further?) away. I really need to start traveling while I’m in college. It won’t be the same once I already have an established career and different priorities. The world is mine right now, and I definitely need to take advantage of it.

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