There is a bloody hole in my car battery.


This car has been plagued with bad luck since I got it. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. I didn’t have it for about two weeks because of an accident, and then a few weeks later I started having difficulty starting the damn thing. The battery required a jump every few days.

I don’t particularly trust the mechanic my grandpa tends to take my car to, so I asked my uncle to have a look, and sure enough, we found a HOLE. A screw-sized hole in one of my battery cells. Apparently, every time I would brake, the battery fluid would slosh around and leak out, corroding whatever it fell on.

The fact that my car is still running is a testament to the battery’s awesomeness. And, the fact that such an obvious problem was overlooked, is a testament to the shoddy workmanship of that particular mechanic.

Bollocks to him, I say.


Another thing. It rained in the South Bay today, and I missed it. I’m terribly upset by that. It doesn’t rain often during the summer.

One thought on “Nuisance.

  1. You didn’t miss much. I was outside clearing some weeds. The sky was an infusion of red light. Because the rain was not heavy, a giant, crisp rainbow appeared spanning the horizon. The rain drops were big, though short lived. Almost surreal… yeah.

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