And not the good kind.


I’ve had a terrible headache since work earlier today.

I took a couple of painkillers to smother the awful throbbing, but to no avail. I’m either growing immune, or this is just a really fantastic headache.



This is a tad inane, but it’s something I want to get down because I’ve been mulling it over for the past day or so. It seems to me that everyone I meet is attached these days. Meaning, they all have a significant other. This is interesting to me because in high school, I would meet mostly single people. Nowadays, I’d be hardpressed to find someone single who I haven’t known since high school.

I don’t know if this is sad for my friends or no. 😛

But knowing people are attached takes away the occasional boy-girl awkwardness that may arise between two people who are vaguely attracted to one another. The simple knowledge that s/he has a boyfriend/girlfriend already establishes the type of relationship that can grow between the two.


The people I hang out with are a reflection of who I am. Instead of hanging out with people who act and dress exactly like me, I surround myself with awesome people with their own interests and quirks. I am secure with myself; I don’t need to spend time around people with a similar personality to somehow validate my own. My friends teach me things all the time, whether it’s sharing music or exchanging ideas on religion or simply people in general.

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