So it goes.

I can’t recall if I’ve ever used that as a blog title before, but meh. My creativity is on the fritz again.


What fools these mortals be.

I’ve never claimed to be other than what I am. And I like to imagine that I am the sort of young lady who is fairly decisive and knows what she wants.

Yet lately I have been remarkably indecisive and unsure of myself. It’s happening so often that I am beginning to worry. Even seemingly simple and trivial matters are becoming too much.

Most likely it’s merely a passing phase, but nonetheless it bothers me.


My room looks like it has exploded. The swag from Con has infiltrated every nook and cranny.

I wish it wasn’t over yet. It was a grueling four days but I enjoyed every second of it. I particularly enjoyed spending all that time with Guevarararararaara. Living in San Francisco will be nice, if only because I’ll be a mere stone’s throw away from him. And I can bug the hell out of him whenever I please.

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