Strolling through Crime Alley.

One of my most glaring faults as a human being is my tendency toward obsession, whether it concerns an individual, a fictional character, food, music, art, a particular book, etcetera.

Without proper constraints, once I dip into something, it takes quite a while for me to resurface.

The only positive is that I am utterly conscious of my fall, and I am constantly battling this predisposition by forcing myself into some sort of action. Case in point. I become obsessed with certain people for various reasons, especially if I feel they have wronged me, even if only in some arbitrary manner. And I begrudgingly admit that sometimes the dislike is completely unwarranted because the individual has really done nothing to me personally; rather, they have harmed someone I care about. Regardless, I develop a personal vendetta. To combat this, because it occasionally makes me feel like a horrible person for being unfair, I actually try to befriend the individual and get to know them. I do this in the hopes that perhaps I will discover some redeeming quality I might otherwise have overlooked.

Meh. Is this plan of mine working?

Er. It’s a bit too early to tell.