‘Tis a fine mess we find ourselves in.

Matt thought things couldn’t get any worse. Boy, was he wrong.

But ah well. We’re a strong enough group that I think we can handle it. The fall semester that I started on the paper, we had an editor quit after two issues, and we pulled it off just fine.

Just one of many bumps on a familiar yet fairly troublesome road.

Sometimes my enigmatic optimism is truly nauseating.


But I digress.

While at Dave & Buster’s for CJ’s birthday on Monday night, Michael asked the question, “If Heaven is for eternity, how do our tiny, minuscule lives matter?”

I don’t believe in heaven, but I like to believe I have some semblance of an understanding of it.

Learning from experience seems like it is something entirely different from learning simply by knowing. And the latter is something that God seems to have a knack for.

Interjection: Mind you, I am only commenting on the God of Christianity.


My head hurts. I apologize.

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