I’ve got the world on a string.

I’m sitting on a rainbow
Got the string around my finger
What a world, what a life – I’m in love

I’ve got a song that I sing
I can make the rain go
Any time I move my finger
Lucky me, can’t you see – I’m in love

Life is a wonderful thing
As long as I hold the string
I’d be a silly so-and-so
If I should ever let her go

Weee. Sinatra knows exactly how I feel sometimes.


I have plenty of things to discuss; it’s only a matter of time till I allow myself the opportunity to really post anything substantial.

A couple of days ago I learned of a new fear of mine that seems to be steadily developing into a bona fide phobia.

I’ll touch on that later.

I’ve also learned that I have an uncle-in-law who is actually a fairly successful journalist.

I met my baby cousin, Joshua Michael Hardesty, for the first time on this past Saturday. Chubbiest baby ever. Four months old and already twenty pounds.


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