Lately, I’ve been thinking.

While it may seem noble to keep fighting for a relationship, whether it’s romantic or platonic, in reality one may be doing herself a grave disservice.

I hate giving up on people. If it takes years to rekindle a friendship, I don’t mind the wait. I prefer to believe in people rather than throwing in the towel immediately.

Hence my current and ongoing ordeal with my own mother.

But lately, I’ve been asking myself this question: Why would I want a friend or anyone around me who does not treat me with respect?

I have no need for a “friend” who will turn his/her back on me as soon as he/she is upset with me.

While I may seem independent and quite solitary, I enjoy surrounding myself with people. I like to think I surround myself with very good people. I do, for the most part.

People come and go. They usually give one something valuable, whether it’s through positive or negative means.


On a different note:

It sounds very odd to say aloud “David and I are moving to San Francisco in about two weeks.”

The “David and I” part is the most peculiar.

My goal has never been a long term relationship, but inevitably I find myself in one. It isn’t necessarily even a bad thing; I just find it a bit strange that I stick around for a long period of time with the very next guy I meet and subsequently fall for.

Some people may point out that I am lucky in this respect; I’m never really wanting for love or affection. It usually comes to me, especially when people get to know me better.

I’m just curious, I suppose.

I don’t mean to knock my current relationship by any means. He’s a wonderful guy; we get along great in every aspect of our relationship. More than great, I’d say.

We’ve been dating for just about a year now, a year that, for once, has been filled with many more good times than bad. A lot of that is directly tied to David. He isn’t the sole reason, of course.

Before this gets mushier than I am comfortable with, I suppose I should finally get off this computer and start my day.

For all who care, today is my little brother’s birthday. He is no longer a teenager.

But he’s still a big baby. 😛

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