Old school insecurities.

Jeremiah: you know.
Jeremiah: even when you were stressed out to no end on the paper
Jeremiah: you always made time to help other people or just listen to them
Jeremiah: that’s slightly cool
ooopinchme: slightly?
ooopinchme: hahaha
Jeremiah: only very slightly
ooopinchme: i just believe in doing right by people, is all
Jeremiah: because i’m sure that was extremely easy

Nice to know some of my good deeds are noticed by people who are not the usual suspects. It makes me feel a bit more positive about myself.


And on a different note, I was perusing my photo albums the other day and I noticed one insecurity that has plagued me since I was in middle school.

My height.

Being a 5’7″ Asian female kind of makes me stand out. In a lot of photos, I don’t necessarily slouch, but I do tend to lean in one direction or the other. Of course, I don’t do this when I’m taking a picture with another tall person, but again, an Asian female has many short Asian friends.

My height still makes me feel awkward, and I’ve been taller than most of my female friends since I was 11 years old.

That’s a decade’s worth of awkward photos.

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