Great heights.

I loved planes since I first set foot on board a jet to Vegas. We were en route for the annual Antes family reunion, and my mother was too lazy to make the drive.

It’s taken me a while to figure out why I enjoy flying so much. This indicates that I’ve never really given it much thought. Or else I’m just slow. Both are highly probable.

In any case, I was flying to LA on Friday to visit with friends and family. Although the flight was very short, it still gave me an immense feeling of peace.

As my plane reached its projected altitude, we broke through a thick layer of clouds, and it was as if the world below had disappeared.

Few things are more awe-inspiring than the sight of the sun shining down upon a field of marshmallow clouds. I always feel immediately humbled when a plane takes off and my fellow passengers and I are no longer slaves to gravity.

Humbled, yet very proud.

I wrote not too long ago about believing in individuals, rather than humanity itself. The idea was that humanity as a whole has not accomplished much; but rather that the whole of humanity has been propelled by the awesome feats and innovations of special individuals.

Due to the efforts of such people, we have forged new paths in areas we really had no right to conquer. We weren’t born to plumb the depths of the seas, or reach heights that no other creature has managed.

Each time I fly I am reminded of the inspiring legacy that we in the modern world enjoy.



It felt right to fly back up.

And it was nice having someone to fly back to.

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