You thought you knew.

What do you do if you meet someone who has the potential to turn your entire life upside down?

I seem to see it more and more as I grow older. I have noticed a few people roll with the change, and others, too frightened of it, resisting it with all their might.

Yet more often now, it seems to be a viable path for most. As human beings, I think we are all too easily lulled by security and familiarity. It is far more difficult to chase after dreams.

I was taught to dream big by the people who care about me most, by those who seem to see a potential within me that I can’t tap into.

My lofty aspirations are tempered by a latent realism.

Meh. I’ll just cut the crap.

I want to meet someone who will rock my world. Figuratively, of course.

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