Tall buildings shake.

Voices escape
Singing sad, sad songs.

I try to be there for everyone.

Not quite an island unto myself, but certainly a rock, an anchoring point for others in the midst of a sea of steaming chaos. (Yes, chaos steams.)

I try to be good to everyone. People always need a best friend, a voice of reason in the tumultuous darkness.

I desire to be that best friend, chiefly because I realize that good people are few and far between, and because I feel everyone deserves to have someone to trust. Everyone deserves that feeling of security.

I realize that for the most part, altruism is dead, as it is often bemoaned.

By soothing fears and and quieting tears I manage to make myself like myself more.

I give myself more reasons not to give up the good fight, to keep the faith, etc. All those lame clichés.

It isn’t about personal sacrifice for me. I just handle things well. There was never any other option for me. I never gave myself other options. May as well share the wealth. Or the strength. However you may interpret it.

I’m made of steel.

I’m made of ice.

I’m a superhero.

I need to do this as surely as others might need me.

And I’m OK with that, if you are. Regardless of these selfish slants, I really do try to be a damn good friend.

One thought on “Tall buildings shake.

  1. it’s good to know that they’re people with the same ideas/morals/vision(i’m not quite which word at the moment, it’s 3 in DC at the moment) when it comes to friends. i’ve always tried to be the same friend to anyone too. =)

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