You were right about the stars.

I know I am very young and that there is so much more to learn about the world, but I would like to share what I’ve gathered thus far in the game.

  1. God is in everything. People continue to search for Him because it’s too simple to accept the fact that life itself is an act of faith.
  2. As an adult, you don’t ever have to explain yourself to anyone. It’s a conscious decision that you are allowed to make.
  3. Never live your life for someone else.
  4. Always stay in tune with your feelings. Don’t stifle them, but also don’t let them control you.
  5. Every person lives in his or her own version of reality.
  6. Conformity is unnatural, but it is so much easier.
  7. This is related to No. 6: We become obsessed with becoming the people we think we want to be, or we think are deemed more acceptable by society.
  8. It’s OK to be a little insane or weird.
  9. We shouldn’t label those who try to escape from the lives they’ve fashioned as insane.
  10. You will never be able to fully understand another human being. In some ways it can be construed that we are all alone, trapped within the confines of our own skulls. A concentrated effort toward camaraderie makes us starkly different from other animals, but don’t expect your best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse to read your mind.
  11. You can never make someone love you, but it is all too easy to make someone hate you.
  12. Cynicism is a-OK; just be exceedingly careful with it. Don’t let it hinder you from trusting anyone.
  13. Pessimism does not spark growth.
  14. An active approach to Life is better than simply hoping it will suddenly get better for you.
  15. People who are afraid to take risks with their hearts or their minds are not taking advantage of Life.

Perhaps I’m getting a little repetitive. I don’t know.

Most people are afraid to grow because growth takes you in directions that don’t seem normal, comfortable, or familiar. It doesn’t particularly matter whether a situation is to your liking. You will learn something either way, and that is what I feel is the most valuable and beautiful thing about Life. Nothing and no one is the same. It is utterly frightening but awesomely inspiring all at once.

God is such a bloody show-off sometimes.

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