There is a stark difference between childish and child-like.

I prefer to think I’m more of the latter. There is still so much wonder to be found in the world, and I want to hold that feeling close to my heart until the day I die.


Coming home is always a bit strange. It’s like falling into a time warp.

Life in the South Bay seems as if it stands still until I return. I can expect much of the same; my friends still inhabit the same old haunts, from Richard’s or EJ’s places to playing basketball/football/baseball at Calas Park. Even my newspaper buddies seem to follow the same routines.

It’s nice to have that feeling of stability, especially in a period of my life when change seems to happen fairly rapidly.

This sort of security makes me feel safe. And I’ll likely never be able to call anywhere else home.


Ah, well. Time to get ready for Dave & Buster’s with the guys!


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