I am a lame-oid.


I find myself feeling jealous.

Silly, I know, but the exploits of my peers are turning me into that notorious green fiend. Or maybe it’s because I’m a girl and insecure. Hah.

Whichever it may be, I feel bored and unfulfilled, though to be honest, this is one of those fleeting feelings that will come and go with the sunrise.

Sometimes I am too aware of my friends’ accomplishments and it makes my own triumphs feel wanting.

But eh. I’m not at home, at the very least. I’m trying to make everything work in San Francisco, a city so unlike Los Angeles. It hasn’t been too bad thus far.

I’m judging myself too harshly.


Work today was chill, by the way. I have a million things to learn but it ought to get better with time. I start my second job on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, I have the JUNIOR ENGLISH PROFICIENCY ESSAY TEST (JEPET) tomorrow morning. A ridiculous timed essay test. I have to head to work immediately after that.

Fun times.

Welcome back to the grind, Jun.

Gag. I never fail these sort of exams, so no worries there; I just find them incredibly boring and tedious.

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