Bugger all.

One of the greatest annoyances is the habit that some people have of making commitments to situations or promises they cannot handle or maintain.

Take my mother, for example.

She probably wouldn’t consider herself a liar and a fink, but if you’re her daughter, how else are you supposed to view your mother if she constantly makes pledges she invariably rescinds?

Yet I know I am the fool for wanting to believe in her. I still have this childish hope that one day she will miraculously transform into the mother I have always wanted. (“Wanted,” because the past has proven I didn’t need a mother to turn out all right. Damn straight.)

There is nothing more aggravating than the termination of an assurance. I am the sort who stands by her commitments, regardless of the hardships they may entail.

I do not take a promise lightly. Sure, there are always allowances. Disasters, tragedies, any sort of setback, I can be more than understanding. But to blatantly FALL SHORT, to consistently FAIL, is a whole other issue.

Stop making promises if you cannot keep them. Never go into those sorts of agreements if you feel there will be too much of a struggle.

Perhaps my standards are too stringent, but I do not really believe that. Personal accountability is a goddamn big deal to me.

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