I’m talking about basic human dignity.

While on the train one day, it occurred to Danny that human beings aren’t nearly as advanced as we like to think we are.

Many of us are still slaves to our basic instincts, the drives for food, sex, etc. Any sort of physical pleasure, really.

Most of the control we have over anything is relegated to the fulfillment of such needs.

We are still so chained to our emotions and survival instincts that they are our greatest motivators through Life.

I would not tell you that it is such a terrible thing, to want good food, great sex, or to love and be loved.

Oh, but so many of us seem to fall to excess, and it is this gluttony that usually spells our downfalls.

I often wish that people were more propelled by basic human dignity rather than the great motivators of money or greed.

As creatures capable of abstract thought, we should focus on tearing down the barriers we’ve wrought through the centuries of cupidity and self-fabricated superiority.

In many ways I am very much an idealist.

I believe that building borders, consciously or subconsciously, is a disservice to one’s fellow man. Or woman. Whether they are concrete borders like the Berlin Wall, or barriers created by the mandates of religious doctrine, the act of letting such things get in the way of treating a fellow human being with dignity and respect is appalling.

I may not share your beliefs, but I know damn well that there is nothing wrong with either of us for not sharing the same beliefs. I should never be viewed as a subhuman, and neither should you.


But I think I’m getting away from the real point of the conversation that I had with Danny.

Danny’s point was that despite, or even in spite of, our immense capacities for love, understanding, and control, we seem to be oblivious to our capabilities, and fall into the easier task of supplementing excess.

While there are certainly many things in Life that we will never have control over, there are still a great number of things and instances that we can command.

Our brains are our most extraordinary organs. It is really about time we try to fully utilize them.

Guevarrarara and I once talked about how the brain is our strongest “muscle.” Once we realize that, things tend to fall in line and become more manageable.

I’m slightly dipping into the idea of self-actualization here.

One of the reasons I am always perceived as a “woman of steel,” as it were, is because I am very much aware of my potential, my capabilities, and I realize that there really are some things I cannot do.

It may sound overly simplified, but I don’t believe that. For me, many things have simply become knowing when to pick and choose my battles. And more and more, I realize that there are very few battles I will likely lose.

One thought on “I’m talking about basic human dignity.

  1. Fuckin’ a man. Thanks for understanding. It’s more of a…trauma that lingers in mah head you know? Like, I felt almost scared or like fearful, you know fight/flightish when I heard his voice. Bastard. But, hey!! U taking summer classes?

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