We know what’s up.

Wherever I go, people are always surprised by the sheer number of high school friends I still talk to or hang out with on a semi-regular basis. People always tell me that once they hit college, high school friends eventually fell to the wayside.

Huzzah for Carsonites! Carsonians?

I always felt that Carson High nurtured a special sort of community, a social network that never fails to defy the years and miles.

Even now, with high school four glorious years behind me, I can hang out with a Carson kid and it feels as if we never skipped a beat. I feel comfortable e-mailing an old teacher just to say “hello.” Visiting my high school isn’t too terribly strange; it’s only bizarre because the kids seem to get shorter every year, which in turn makes me feel like a giantess.

But I digress.

I am damn proud to know all the people I know from Carson. We’re all going to do big things.

Carson kids. We know what’s up.

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