Dear god!

For the first time in days, I plunked myself down to read the current events.

And dear god, am I perturbed!

I’ve heard tidbits about all the things going on, but sitting here and actively reading the news has me in a virtual tizzy.

Oh, the state of things. Most of the news is not terribly surprising, though, which perhaps makes it even worse.


Webster lists the first definition of “elope” as “to slip away,” or “to escape.”


I s’pose we can use that without people getting leery.


I may be going out for drinks with some lady friends Thursday evening after work. Boy, do I feel all grown-up typing that!


Good people though. I’ll need those drinks and the easy conversation that ensues after the week I’ve been having.


Bollocks. I did nothing today besides browse the Intarweb.


Amazing posters.

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