Your face is pasty.

And I want to be your terror.

Yes, getting tattoos with awful grammar is a must!


incubusoflight: You know I’m pretty certain the editor of the book you gave me
incubusoflight: Is an anarchist
incubusoflight: Since he quotes lots of anarchists
incubusoflight: and I can’t say I disagree
ooopinchme: haha
ooopinchme: i have to read it some time
incubusoflight: You will have to
incubusoflight: When I bring it to your place of residence
ooopinchme: sweeet
incubusoflight: There is such a negative connotation on anarchy in our society
incubusoflight: Awful
incubusoflight: Anarchy – a theory that regards the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal and that proposes the cooperative and voluntary association of individuals and groups as the principal mode of organized society.
incubusoflight: Whaaat? Coopoerative and voluntary?
ooopinchme: hahaha
incubusoflight: People acting decent to each other? Nooooo way
incubusoflight: Impossible
incubusoflight: It is sad that I really think something like that could never happen
incubusoflight: Just because I think humans are all awful
incubusoflight: and I suppose I’m pretty awful for assuming that
ooopinchme: you should talk to my friend jeremiah
ooopinchme: he assumes the same
ooopinchme: even though i keep telling him to be more optimistic
incubusoflight: You know that may be it
incubusoflight: People are awful because they assume everyone else is awful
incubusoflight: So what difference does it make?
ooopinchme: oh, it could make quite a difference
incubusoflight: Whereas if we just had faith in humanity people might actually be decent?
ooopinchme: i never know what to do when someone is genuinely nice to me
incubusoflight: Makes me feel justified in that I will give people chances!
incubusoflight: Even though I really assume everyone is bad
incubusoflight: I wouldn’t say I’m an awful person toward them because of it
incubusoflight: Ugh, I am too christian for not really being christian
ooopinchme: you are!
ooopinchme: it is quite bizarre
ooopinchme: which is why
ooopinchme: i think you’re nicer than me
incubusoflight: We really should start a religion even if it’s not just a scheme to make money
ooopinchme: perhaps even a better person
incubusoflight: I bet if we hung out all day long we would both rub off on each other
incubusoflight: Our bad to bad, good to good


Gah. I am a major creep.

And I’ve obviously been lazy with these posts.

I need to do several things.

– Respond to all of my missed calls and the subsequent voice-mail messages.
– Shoot out a few e-mails. I still remember Niere telling me in tenth grade that sometimes who you know is more important than what you know. It’s a shame but eh, I get it. Such is the way of the world. Besides, I generally like most of the people I correspond with anyway. Lucky me.
– Start marking locales on the giant map poster David posted by my desk.

It’s all a great big beautiful mess.

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