Come on, baby, light my fire!

Oh! The Doors!


I know. You have every right to chastise me. I have been atrociously lazy, what with my nauseatingly poor attempts at blogging as of late. I know, I know, posting AIM chats is a terrible shortcut.

But fuck, at least I’m not posting only song lyrics or dictionary definitions. Allow me the satisfaction of knowing that my entries possess even a little bit of depth.



The dawn of a new semester at SF State is merely two weeks away. I have a couple of things to look forward to when it comes to progress in my major.

I know I need an internship, but at least this semester I’ll finally be doing something a bit more my speed. I am currently enrolled in the online publication lab, which sounds fairly challenging.

But hey, I’m surprisingly more tech-savvy than most, so I shouldn’t have too much of a problem. The biggest obstacle I foresee is coming up with the funds to buy a snazzy digital recorder. If I had even more money to burn, I’d buy a monopod. I know I wouldn’t enjoy having a stranger’s hand in such close proximity to my throat/mouth. See, I do think about the well-being of others on occasion.

There is also a slight chance I’ll be a page designer for the [X]Press this fall. Won’t that be fun?

I was beginning to feel as if the journalism bug had finally left my system, but lo and behold, the moment I get an e-mail from the art director asking for work samples, I become giddy at the prospect.


On a more personal note, this month will very likely zoom by. It already is! But there are quite a few exciting developments already.

– My aunt, uncle and cousins are in town this weekend. Dinner with them tomorrow, most likely.

– LEIBS(!!!) may be in town early next week; I still need to return his phone call, but I always forget until I feel it is too late (like right now).

– NANCY(<3) moves in on Wednesday. I'm so excited for her. – My brother and my cousin may visit me some time before school starts. That is terribly exciting. – Cristian is visiting the weekend before Labor Day. Now that we have enough space to house other people for a few days, I want EVERYONE to visit.

– And it looks like Matt and Robert are coming up for Labor Day weekend! I hope they really do come. Matt needs to get his ass out of the South Bay more often.


I ride BART to and from work every day. It is always the same stop; the only difference is in whether I’ll take the exit on the left or on the right. I am so often downtown that I now recognize all the faces of the homeless people asking for change. I now know the tunes the street musicians play, and I can almost always guess whether the escalator will be out of commission. It has all become so routine that I sometimes forget what sort of a city I am in. As I walked from SFMOMA to the Powell Street station, I took my time to look around again. There were new stencils on the sidewalk. There was another Lamborghini in the driveway of the St. Regis Hotel. I see one there so often now that I no longer have to stare in awe. Yes, Lamborghini’s are now commonplace for me. I looked at the people around me. Most of them were hustling to get out of the brisk summer chill, just as I was. I have a specific path I walk from the train station to the museum. Now, lately I’ve just been rushing through it, but as I said, today I decided to react differently. I still walked at a fairly steady pace, but, as opposed to the hurried, downward-glancing shuffle that is my norm, I held my head high to look around me. While walking through the courtyard of the Contemporary Jewish Museum, I spied a young Asian mother and her tiny son walking across the little fountain. It was designed to have stepping stones. They were set far enough apart that the little boy had to jump from stone to stone, while his mother merely kept pace to make sure he didn’t slip. Walking past the entrance of the aforementioned museum, I finally noticed the dour little cherubs heralding the potential visitors. I don’t think they quite belong there. I mean, they just look so uncomfortable posted up above the doors.

Well, now I’m excited about my walk to Spectacles tomorrow morning. Who knows what I might encounter on my way to Union Square!


Upon exiting the train at Daly City, the fog greeted me with its chilly embrace. I initially thought it was drizzling, but no, the Daly City fog was caressing me. I suppose that means I’m now home.

I still haven’t quite arranged things to my liking in our room here. My desk is still cluttered with random notebooks and notepads, but at least my little stuffed animals and wind-up toys are nicely situated.

My T-Rex in a bowler hat is currently hugging the bespectacled bird that Kathy gave me. Maude the purple elephant that Richard won for me sits in front of a rather big-headed Boba Fett, while the wind-up robot that is also a pencil sharpener stands idly by, seemingly ignoring the other stuffed toys that resemble organic things. Hoity-toity robot.

In addition, I don’t have any of my posters up yet. I can’t seem to find the time to put them up.


Meh. How mundane. Oh well. Such is the way of things right now.

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