I’m a tortoise.


Yes. I am ancient, heavy and wrinkly.


My backpack is currently thicker around the middle than I am.

I bought a giant laptop backpack to protect my snazzy laptop and I’ve stuffed it to its capacity, so now I’m top heavy. After class yesterday, I tried to sit down on the floor of Burk Hall and I fell backward.


I can’t be one of those women who carries around several bags: a purse, a tote bag, a laptop bag, etc. My one backpack contains everything:

– Laptop
– Laptop charger
– Binder
– Two reporter’s notebooks
Zoom H2 digital recorder
– Extra batteries for recorder
– Earbud headphones
– Tripod stand
– USB cable
– AC adapter
– 512MB SD card
– Circumaural headphones
– Weekly planner
iPod touch
– BART card
– Set of keys
– Glasses case
– Mini tape recorder
– Wallet
– Makeup bag
– Work shirt
– Birth control pills
– Hair clip
– Tangle toy
– Pens/pencils/highlighters
– Black DS lite
– Water bottle

I AM A JOURNALISM MACHINE. And also a 12-year-old boy.


On an altogether different note, I just returned from using the restroom. SF State has chalkboards in every stall, I’m assuming as a graffiti deterrent.

I find myself resisting a very strong urge to correct for AP style on these chalkboards. Although chalk is provided, most people use permanent markers or pens. I should start carrying a Sharpie with me each time I go in there.


2 thoughts on “I’m a tortoise.

  1. Haha. Scratch them b.c pills yo, make him wear a rubster! I know, no fun, but can’t b.cs be bad?All goes well with the Union. .kinda crazy but fun!We are cursed with not a hot guy in sight. .

  2. you my friend are a trooper for carrying all that stuff on a daily basis.that’s a really cool idea with the chalkboards, makes me wonder if other schools do anything like that too.

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