I know that I’m pale because I turn red in the San Francisco sun.

For the first time in weeks, I will be early to work. At the moment I am sitting by the stage area in Union Square. I can’t help but wonder how many tourist photographs I may end up in. Surely, most of the people around me are tourists. If it isn’t the socks-with-sandals, it is the way they wander around with their eyes trained to the city skyline.

I no longer feel like one of them. It is getting close to a year now, and while I am still awestruck by the city, it is primarily because I want to be as appreciative as I can be. I am immensely fortunate for the opportunity to live in such a vibrant community.

I have never heard the term “La-la” used to describe LA kids until I moved here. I am still uncertain whether I should consider it derogatory. Most of the people I have met up here are surprised when I tell them where I am from. Apparently, I don’t seem like a La-la. They make me feel like I should feel grateful for this. Perhaps I do. I often want to ask them why, but eh, I am really unconcerned. I am more interested in what “La-la” means to them.

The longer I live here, the more at home I feel.


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