You know them.

Jaena: so
Jaena: are you still being a hermit
Danzo: Yep
Jaena: so you really haven’t spoken to many people for any length this past month?
Danzo: Just me and my Dr Pepper
Jaena: hah
Danzo: Nope
Danzo: Nothing outside of class, my house, or you
Jaena: crazy
Jaena: i think i’d go insane
Danzo: I probably am you know
Jaena: haha
Jaena: nah
Jaena: you’re probably more sane than anyone i know
Danzo: Hmm
Danzo: How are we defining sane here?
Jaena: i would say being sane is having an increased awareness of reality.
Danzo: Opposed to decreased awareness, eh?
Jaena: well, we all like to live in our little illusions
Jaena: and i feel that that’s what most people do
Jaena: delusions of grandeur, in the mediocre
Danzo: Yeah, I would agree
Jaena: i think rationality and sanity means shedding those delusions
Jaena: and being able to say “The world doesn’t have to be this way.” Or, “I don’t have to want this.”
Danzo: Ahh
Danzo: I do like that idea
Jaena: haha
Jaena: and thus
Jaena: you are sane
Jaena: moreso than most people
Danzo: Well thanks


You encounter them all the time.

Those for whom Time does not flow forward, but rather, staggers around in circles. They are content with the comfort and immediacy of the familiar.

Chances are, some of your good friends are like them.

Recently I have wondered whether it is my duty as a friend to wake them up. But perhaps I should stop thinking that people would be better off if they opened their eyes to the rest of the world. The older I become, the more credence I am willing to give to the old adage “Ignorance is bliss.”

[Interjection: “Credence” is a damn fine word that encompasses a rather complicated idea. “Mental acceptance as true or real,” according to Webster.]

If people are happy, who am I to disturb that? Granted, I do believe in a higher level of happiness and contentment, but eh, people have their own paths. As a friend, perhaps I should only strive to be supportive and sympathetic if or when the bubble pops.

Personally, I would prefer if my friends tested my limits and taught me how to think beyond what I am accustomed to, but I have always had a predisposition for introspection and metacognition.

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