I took this from a note on Alex’s Facebook.

1. List 25 things you want to do before you die. They don’t have to be the top 25, just 25. Don’t list obvious or simplistic ones like “Fall in love” or “Find true happiness”.
2. List them exactly in the order you think of them
3. Tag the first 25 people who come to mind. Tag the last 25 people who posted on your wall. Tag the last 25 people you talked to in real life. Tag the last 25 people you had sex with. IT DOESN’T MATTER! Just tag 25 people. Or 26 if you’re feeling rebellious. Or 27…oh whatever just list AT LEAST 25 people.
4. Tell each of them to do this survey/game/chain mail thingy. Personally.
5. Upload a random picture. Do not explain it whatsoever.
6. No cheating!

1. Write a novel.
2. Write a comic book.
3. Ride in a hot air balloon.
4. Circumnavigate the globe. At least twice.
5. Visit the horror-themed ice cream parlor in Pakistan.
6. Spend New Year’s in London.
7. Write something for a major, major publication.
8. Visit an authentic bath house.
9. Float in the waters surrounding the sunniest city in the world. According to WikiAnswers, it is Honolulu, Hawaii. Let me know if that’s right.
10. Find a snow leopard in the wild.
11. Visit the Philippines.
12. Eat fugu (blowfish sushi).
13. Learn how to cook posole.
14. Learn how to bake a pie.
15. See all of my loved ones in the same exact place, at the same exact time.
16. Get my pilot’s license.
17. Learn how to cook prime rib.
18. Win a contest. ANY sort of contest.
19. Live in a different city every few years.
20. Watch Harry Potter fade from mainstream memory.
21. Go on a road trip (well, any trip) with Danzo.
22. Spend more than two hours with Danzo.
23. Live outside of the United States for a few years.
24. See a woman as president of this country.
25. Get a bob for a haircut.


I want to be more than I am, but I don’t really know what that would entail. It’s been nearly four years since I left high school, and I am no closer to any sort of definitive answer about a “calling,” or even a long-term career. Truth be told, I do not really desire a career. If I could simply wander, read, and talk to people for my whole life, I would.

As it is, I have decided to finish my journalism major, while possibly adding another major: philosophy and religion. I am not terribly concerned with how “useful” the second major will be; I mostly see it as a way to keep my brain sharp and engaged.

I want to go on a study abroad trip in the summer to Ireland or Italy for multimedia journalism, but eh, we shall see. It is getting to the point that I feel like it is imperative for me just to pack up and GO. Anywhere, regardless of my financial situation or any lingering personal connections.

Gah. That rocket ship seems so close, Leibs, and yet I feel like I’ll never complete it.