All of a sudden it’s nearly 11 p.m.

It feels like my grandpa left only an hour or so ago, when it has really been about four.

Things haven’t changed much. Brother, cousin and I always fall into the same activities when we get together, namely eating sweets, playing video games and watching random movies. Occasionally, my brother or cousin will start strumming a guitar or an ukelele, but that’s become so commonplace now that it really doesn’t break up our routine.

I suppose I keep thinking now that Ma is gone, some BIG CHANGE will happen. Something epic or spectacular and moving. Maybe it’s because I’m not home much, but I don’t see any vast differences. Although, to hear it told, the family does get together more often during the week, to visit Ma’s grave and to have lunch. Pops goes to my aunt’s house more often for dinner too, and he and my dad go out to lunch on random weekends. Perhaps change has happened. I’m just not around for it.


Despite my usual gripes about my family, I very much cherish the moments I have alone with my dad, my brother, and my cousin. It is only during those times that I really get to know them, and this is through whatever information they feel fit to share with me.

I learned quite a bit this time around. Some things most definitely surprised me, but I could relate to most of it myself, as I was in similar situations just recently.

Meh. I’m too tired for this.

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