Crude things and Kabbalah.

A handful of my lady friends recently brought this fan page (via Facebook) to my attention: Intelligent, classy, well-educated women who say “F*ck” a lot.

I’m not sure I can place “fuck” alongside “classy” without many reservations. Admittedly, there was a time in the very recent past that I considered it a point of pride that I could curse as well as any sailor, but I suppose I’ve grown up and my tastes have changed. Occasionally I’ll drop an F-bomb here and there because it has such a lovely way of being all-encompassing, but I generally avoid it, especially in my writing. Sometimes I search my old blog and inwardly wince at the profanity-laced tirades that I once maniacally typed up. Nowadays, I consider it incredibly impressive if one can fully express themselves without curse words.

Now! Enough of this fuckery.

I just finished a paper on how Kabbalists deal with accusations of pantheism and idolatry, which means I’M ON SPRING BREAK!

I need to start packing for my five-day trip. I fly to LA tomorrow night after work. On Sunday, after visting Ma’s grave, David and I will drive to Vegas for a special occasion. Not our special occasion, mind you. We’re coming back that same night though so we can spend Monday back in LA with friends and family. In between all of that driving I have to celebrate birthdays, get drunk at least once, and write a couple of briefs for Nichi Bei Weekly.

Then it’s back to the ordinary grind on Wednesday. I plan on going straight into the office after my flight, but we’ll see.

Some day I will take a vacation to a boring place and plant myself on some beach to read.

Off to do that packing I mentioned. But really, I’ll just be reading and putting off necessary things.

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