Chuckles erupt silently from my gut; “Cape Feare,” the Simpsons’ spoof on the film of a similar name, has just come on. A cup of very hot peppermint tea balances precariously on the sofa cushion beside me; the ottoman/coffee table is a bit too out of reach. I just jammed tissue up my nose because it has been leaking steadily for the last five or six hours. This will make it difficult to drink the aforementioned tea, but meh. My head feels remarkably heavy and nothing quite registers, other than the long ago memorized lines from this TV show.

I left work early today. Initially, I figured my discomfort was due to my allergies, but all the rain today should have squelched those. My throat is itchy too. What a horrible weekend to feel crummy. I won’t be able to enjoy WonderCon or my friends’ company as much as I would if I wasn’t sniffling.

Note to self: “Noel Dequina Jr. feel so dirty tonight…and it’s not the need to wash my hair type dirty. Thanks Jaena Rae Cabrera for pulling through time and time again. Koji tofu tacos the next time youre in town for sure!”

KOGI TACOS. Hot damn. That made my evening. Noel and I are going to stand the Test of Time. No doubt. We already are, anyhow.

At long last! I can pick up David from BART now. This also means I am that much closer to downing Nyquil and going to bed.