Chris Guevarrararararara gave me some good news earlier this evening: “Batman: Year One” – The Movie!

Well, the animated movie, which is all right with me. I’m not sure if it’s official yet, but I’m eager to see what they do with it. Artistically, will it remain in keeping with the current animated Batman? Or will they stick closely to Frank Miller’s grittier Dark Knight?

I’m a bit nervous about it though. Whenever a favorite of mine is adapted, I usually lean more heavily on the skeptical side. Because, of course, the only right version is the one in my own head.

Miller’s Batman was the first I met after growing up with the 1990s animated series and Tim Burton’s inexplicable revamping. His work refashioned my love for Batman, morphing it from a child’s simple admiration to real adoration. I’ll end my gushing here; I’m afraid this post may get much more graphic if I go on.

Interjection: Today, the barista took one look at my necklace and asked, “Do you really like Batman that much? Or is it just the movie.”


Tangential stuff.

Truth be told, I’m a little behind on my Caped Crusader’s capers. I know he’s been in some major trouble, but I haven’t yet learned how he’s getting out of it, as surely he will. Batman always prevails. I don’t realistically have the time or funds to follow him as dutifully as my heart would like.

But, Sir, know that I love you and that you’re in my heart and dreams, always.

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