Yikes, Part 2!

I don’t visit my blog much these days, but when I do I like to quickly scan my most recent entries.

This is what I’ve gleaned from the last month or so:

Jaena is angry.
Jaena is frustrated.
Jaena wants to be a better person but likes to make excuses as to why she isn’t yet.
Jaena is fairly emotional even though she likes to present herself as otherwise.
Jaena needs to make a real concerted effort to be positive.

I could go on, but this would just end up being horribly defeatist.

So! In a new vein, today was lovely. The weather was beautiful once I got out of Daly City, as usual.

Today marks the end of my third week at HarperCollins and I’ve been meaning to write about all the little things I’ve learned thus far. Next entry, I promise.

David actually had the evening off, so we had a nice dinner together and went grocery shopping. (How terribly mundane! But I bought ingredients for carnitas tacos. We’re going to eat well during Sunday’s Laker game!)

Speaking of the Lakers, last night I watched Game 3 of the Finals at Zeki’s Bar in Nob Hill with a few friends. It was the first time I’ve watched a basketball game at a bar. I used to grab drinks at National’s on Sepulveda in Torrance during MMA fights or boxing. Zeki’s touts itself as the only Lakers bar in the city, which I was ready to believe.

Positive forward-thinking:
– Job interview tomorrow
– Game 4 tomorrow
– Meggie visits on Friday
– Lakers again on Sunday, plus carnitas tacos by yours truly
– Another week of interning and volunteering
– Possibly watching the Banksy movie next week
– BOSTON next weekend



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