This is the first week of school for most SF State students. Sadly, I am no longer one of them. I thought I’d feel some remorse, but the past two days progressed with nary a thought about school. At least, undergraduate school.

I’ve been giving some thought to graduate programs since the start of this year, but none of it was serious as I couldn’t narrow down a specific major. As much as I’ve enjoyed journalism classes, I can’t endure another two years of them.
So! My choices are library science or publishing. Or both…? That’s not possible, but eh, a bookworm may dream. I’ll likely apply to library of science programs, take publishing seminars and earn a certificate in publishing along the way.
It seems there are about 50+ American Library Association accredited graduate programs in the country, but only two in this state: San Jose State and UCLA. SJSU’s program is entirely online, but UCLA’s is only on-campus. Ideally, I would not have to move for grad school. January 2011 will mark three years in the Bay Area but it still feels fairly brand-new.
Syracuse University is also a nicely ranked school for my intended program, and it seems they actually have a distance-learning program there too, albeit with a mandatory week-long residency. I’d be more than willing to swing that.
Although I don’t particularly miss SF State, I do miss the classroom. I’ll be doing my damnedest to get myself back there by Fall 2011.

In other news, my HarperCollins internship ends tomorrow. I will sorely miss it. Publishing is definitely in my future now.

I’m still at Spectacles but I’ve added an extra day to my rotation. It isn’t an ideal situation, but I try not to complain about having a steady job, even if said-job doesn’t pay me enough to live up here.

I may have another contract job in the works. Fingers crossed.

I will soon be a freelancer for a particular magazine. More on this when it becomes official.

It’s awfully warm and muggy today too. While the heat is welcome, I can do without the humidity.

And that’s that! There is probably more, but I’ve grown weary. Looking forward to the sugary high of an In-N-Out chocolate milkshake though, courtesy of Mr. Raykhenberg.

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