Three years ago.

I posted this more than three years ago. I don’t think anything has changed… but let’s see if I can check off anything.

Friday, January 26, 2007
I want.

_| I want to see New Zealand & meet the Maori.
_| I want to go to the mountains of Nepal and search for my kindred spirit, the elusive snow leopard.
_| I want to fall in love all over again in Italy, floating in a gondola.
_| Skydive. [Yes, I want to jump out of a fuckin’ plane.]
_| I want to backpack through Germany.
_| I want to eat authentic sushi in Japan & ride a bullet train all day long.
_| I want to spend a month in the sunniest town in Greece.
_| I want to stand in the shadow of a pyramid in Egypt.
_| I want to dance with the monkeys at Carnaval in Brazil.
_| I want to pretend to be Canadian in Canada.
_| I want to figure out how a bidet works in France.
_| I want to spend the beginning of a new year in London.
_| I want to own a boat & drive around like a maniac on the open sea.
_| I want to own a plane so I can go anywhere whenever my fancy strikes.
_| I want to own a house so I can build a family.
_| I want to go up in a hot air balloon & float over Los Angeles at night.
_| I want to learn to kickbox & turn myself into a lethal weapon. [Hardiharhar? :P]
_| I want to learn yoga to relax & become extremely flexible.
_| I want to learn to box because I want to knock someone out.
_| I want to ride a horse all by myself so I can feel like a real cowboy.
_| I want to earn my pilot’s license so I can fly my own damn plane.
_| I want to ride in the Goodyear blimp & get a different perspective of the South Bay.
_| I want to go whale watching in the hopes that a whale will jump onto the boat.
_| I want to go hunting & take down Big Foot.
_| I want to write the GREAT AMERICAN novel, just like Snoopy.
_| I want to write a screenplay & wrench out the hearts of millions.
_| I want to create a graphic novel to portray my inner demons.
_| I want to go on a cruise & feel like a pampered millionaire.
_| I want to go to New York City & watch a Broadway play.
X| I want to go to Washington, D.C.
X| I want to visit the Smithsonian & feel like an excited, nerdy little kid again.
X| I want to take a Duck Tour throughout good ol’ Boston.
_| I want to learn to develop my own film so I can call myself an amateur photographer.
_| I want to watch a real opera in a foreign language.
_| I want to go to Bali & pretend the rest of the world is just as it was a few centuries ago.
_| I want to learn how to meditate & lose my individuality.
_| I want to live it up in Bali for a month.
_| I want to murder someone someday.
_| I want to ride an elephant.
_| I want to climb a mountain and scream at the top of my lungs at the peak.
Eh, three things isn’t so bad? I’ve also moved to San Francisco(-ish), spent a month in Northern Ireland and helped bury a man. I’ve done more, but I really need to get crackin’ on this list.

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