It’s a-coming, but unfortunately on a Wednesday.

I’m trying to get my boyfriend to do a real life version of Bunsen and Beaker with me. I’d be Bunsen, he’d be Beaker. I have the squinty eyes and he has the height and a dash of red in his hair.

If that fails, I want to dress up as a snow leopard, but not an all-out furry type costume. (Although that would be quite warm… a plus here in San Francisco.) Just the ears, a tail and I’d play around with makeup and paint.

If that fails, I could be Neil Gaiman‘s Death. I’ve always wanted to try doing my makeup like her anyway. The eyeliner, I mean. I wouldn’t walk around with white makeup all over my face and arms. OR, I’ve always wanted to do a female version of Red Death. I think I can make that work too.

But alas. Best laid plans and all that. Despite my resistance, I’m slowly becoming a grown up. Time is fleeting these days. As is sleep. God, I miss sleep. Working 70 hours a week makes me so tired that I can feel my blood pulsing through my body. I often think it’s a little tremblor, but it’s likely just my rising blood pressure.

Yes, Halloween. I love it. I bake tons of treats in its honor. I pull out my little bat candle holders. I wish I could carve a million jack o’lanterns. I wish I could be home in LA to take my niece and nephew out trick-or-treating. I wish, I wish, I wish.

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