Woo me with words.


A few months ago, a friend and I discussed the vanishing art of letter writing, and how, centuries from now, our generational literary collection will consist of texts and terse emails. I realized that I no longer know how to express myself with words either. Even when I send mail to friends, I usually select postcards because they limit the words I have to use. I suppose I am more enamored with the act of snail mail than the actual communication exchanged.

One problem I have now is that it is so easy to share information on the Web via Facebook or Twitter. Instead of writing a letter, I may post on a social network and the information exchange is instantaneous. It’s difficult to write letters; often I have already shared my news in a more public forum.

I hope to change this going forward in 2013. I want to improve my writing and put more effort into the letters I mail to friends.

2 thoughts on “Woo me with words.

  1. There’s something pretty special about keeping up a correspondence via letters. It’s a totally different vibe than emails, or text messages. It’s interesting- I guess it’s the anticipation of receiving one.

    1. Agreed. Real letters also possess a sentimentality lacking in emails and texts. You know you are receiving something created with more thought and care.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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